WWW in Ibero-America track Schedule

(Room Bonn/M1, first floor)

Wednesday 22nd (14:30 -16:00)  Paper Session

“Analyzing Seller Practices in a Brazilian Marketplace” (R)
Adriano Pereira, Diego Duarte, Wagner Meira Jr., Virgilio Almeida and Paulo Goes.
“Analysis of Fraudulent Activity in a Brazilian Auction Site” (A)
Vinicius Almendra and Daniel Schwabe.
“Analyzing and ranking the Spanish speaking MySpace community by their contributions in forums” (A)
Andreas Kaltenbrunner, Erika Bondia and Rafael Banchs.

Wednesday 22nd (16:30 -18:00) Panel Session

“The New Media Challenge to Traditional Media. Spanish/Portuguese vs. English. How to avoid cultural break down"

Mr. Mario Tascón. General Manager Dixired (lainformación.com)
Ms. Rosalía Lloret. General Manager Interactive Media. Rtve.es

Thursday 23rd (14:30 -16:00) Panel Session

Multilingual Web Sites

Thursday 23rd (16:30 -18:00) Paper Session

“A Geographical Analysis of Knowledge Production in Computer Science” (R)
Guilherme Vale Menezes, Nivio Ziviani, Alberto Laender and Virgilio Almeida.
“Portuguese Language Processing Service” (A)
Eraldo R. Fernandes, Ruy L. Milidiu and Cicero N. Santos.
“The Morfeo Open Source Community: building technologies of the Future Web through open innovation” (A)
David Lizcano, Miguel Jiménez, Javier Soriano, Juan J. Hierro and Andrés Leonardo Martínez.

Friday 24th (14:30 -16:00) Panel Session


Friday 24th (16:30 -18:00) Paper Session

“Inquiro.CL: a New Search Engine in Chile” (A)
Marcelo Mendoza, Hipolito Guerrero and Julio Farias.
“Finding Answers to Definition Questions across the Spanish Web” (A)
Alejandro Figueroa
“Overcoming database heterogeneity to facilitate social networks: the Colombian displaced population as a case study” (A)
Juan F. Sequeda, Alexander Garcia, Oscar Corcho, Syed Hamid Tirmizi and Daniel Miranker.

(A) = Alternate Track papers
(R) = Regular Track papers