WWW94: maintaining distributed hypertext infostructures

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presented by roy t. fielding, university of california, USA

this paper addressed one of the major problem of a serious WebMaster: the maintenance of her or his data. it is relatively simple to provide a bunch of HTML documents, but how can one garantee that all the embedded links are still valid after a few weeks or months ?

the MOMspider (Multi-Owner Maintenance) is a program that can periodically check the validity of the embedded links by following each URL and collect the results into a report in HTML format. the spider can also send mail to the authors of the documents that contain invalid links.

a so called "instruction file" controls how the spider performs its work, by defining a starting point "top URL" and so on. it is also possible to exclude some paths.

this paper is available on the web.
the software itself is will be available on the web one day ....

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