WWW94: GENVL and WWWW: tools for taming the web

presented by oliver a. mcbryan, university of colorado

GENVL: GENerate Virtual Libraries

"Virtual Libraries" (VL) are one way to sort and index information available on the web. VL are hierarchically structured lists of pointers, where each pointer is either another library (a so called sub-VL) or an atomic entry, usually an URL pointing to a page of interest, e.g. a homepage of a WWW server.

the root of the VL tree - the so called "mother of all bulletin boards" ("bulletin board" is a former term for "virtual library") - is located at


there one can find information sorted by subject.

WWWW: the World Wide Web Worm

WWWW (or W4) is a resource location tool. it searches the Internet for all WWW-addressable resources. it consists of a resource locator and a user interface. the former searches the web and saves all HTML titles and URLs it finds in an archive.
the user interface provides keyword search functions to lookup information in the archive.

the abstract of this paper is available on the web.
the paper itself is available on the web as a postscript file.

2nd_day_genvl_w4 / 27-jan-1999 (ra) / reto ambühler