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WWW5 Organizing Committee

General Chairman: Jean-François Abramatic - France
Programme Chairman: Bob Hopgood - United Kingdom
Awards Chairman: Robert Cailliau - Switzerland
Tutorials Chairman: Stavros Macrakis - USA
Workshops Chairman: Patrick Duval - France
Developer's Day Chairman: Håkon Lie - France
Business on the Web Chairman: Paul Timmers - European Commission
Panels Chairman: David Duce - United Kingdom
Posters Chairman: Ken Robinson - United Kingdom
MBone Chairman: Jaromir Likavec - Germany
Conference Manager: Yves Peynaud - France
Conference Secretariat: Josiane Roberts - France
Logistics and Exhibition: Xavier Leroy - France
EC Liaison: Jean-Pierre Euzen - European Commission
IW3C2 Liaison: Barbara Kucera - USA
Webmasters: Catherine Chat, Laurent Feuillet - France
Review Software: Jason Mathews - USA
Registration Software: Gilles Missonnier - France
Graphics Designer: Georges Ouanounou - France
Proceedings: Mark Eligh, Jan Kastelein - Netherlands
Registration: Annick Theis-Viémont, Marie-Claude Sance - France
Volunteers Programme: Barbara Kucera, Sylvia Fry - USA
Computer Equipment: Bernard Martin, Louis Audoire - France
Network Connection: Georges Aziza, Denis Joiret - France
MBone Management Tie Liao, Christian Donot - France

International Programme Committee

Chairman: Bob Hopgood - United Kingdom

Jean-François Abramatic - France
Chris Adie - United Kingdom
Thomas Baker - Germany
Richard Bentley - Germany
Eric Bier - USA
Robert Cailliau - Switzerland
Jérôme Chailloux, - France
David Duce, - United Kingdom
Jim Gettys - USA
Thomas Greene - USA
Joseph Hardin - USA
Jack Hart - USA
Keith Jeffery - United Kingdom
Vania Joloboff - France
Frank Kappe - Austria
Brian Kelly - United Kingdom
Tim Krauskopf - USA
Detlef Kroemker - Germany
Barbara Kucera - USA
Håkon Lie - France
Chris Lilley - United Kingdom
Stavros Macrakis - USA
Mark Madsen - United Kingdom
Cathy Marshall - USA
Larry Masinter - USA
Jason Mathews - USA
Jim Miller - USA
Corinne Moore - USA
Christos Nikolaou - Greece
Stelios Orphanoudakis -Greece
Mark Pesce - USA
Rick Rodgers - USA
Tony Rutkowski - USA
Caj Sodergard - Finland
Costas Stephanidis - Greece
Constantino Thanos - Italy
Philip Tsang - Australia
Al Vezza - USA
Stuart Weibel - USA
Mary Ellen Zurko - USA

International World Wide Web Conference Committee

Chairman: Ira Goldstein - USA

Jean-François Abramatic, INRIA - France
Tim Berners-Lee, MIT/W3C - USA
Robert Cailliau, CERN - Switzerland
Dale Dougherty, Songline Studios - USA
Joseph Hardin, NCSA - USA
Tim Krauskopf, Spyglass - USA
Detlef Kroemker, FHG-IGD - Germany
Barbara Kucera, NCSA - USA
Corinne Moore, CommerceNet - USA
Rick Rodgers, US National Library of Medicine - USA
Yuri Rubinsky†, Softquad - Canada
Tony Rutkowski, General Magic - USA
Philip Tsang, Charles Stewart University - Australia
Albert Vezza, MIT-LCS - USA
Stuart Weibel, OCLC - USA

Special thanks to the Elsevier team who was able to produce these proceedings under very strong time constraints

Senior Publishing Editor: Mark Eligh
Project Manager: Jan Kastelein
CDROM: Henk van Es
Copy Editor: Jos Migchielsen

About the cover design

In order to create the Conference image, Jean-François Abramatic suggested two words: classicism and modernism. The avant-garde architecture in Paris blends into the heritage of a rich cultural history (Mansard, Poussin, ...).

It reminds me of the newly developed Web, widening our access to the treasures of the past.

Georges Ouanounou