Fifth International World-Wide Web Conference, May 6-10, 1996, Paris, France


Computer Networks and ISDN Systems. Volume 28, issues 7-11, May 1996 (ISSN 0169-7552).

Introduction by the Chairman
A Tribute To Yuri Rubinski

Author Index
Key Word Index


P1 Main Memory Caching of Web Documents
Evangelos P. Markatos

P2 Web Cache Coherence
Adam Dingle, Tomáš Pártl

P3 Introducing Application-level Replication and Naming into today's Web
Michael Baentsch, Georg Molter and Peter Sturm

Distributed Applications

P4 WWW Access to Legacy Client/Server Applications
Stephen E. Dossick and Gail E. Kaiser

P5 PageSpace: An Architecture to Coordinate Distributed Applications on the Web
Paolo Ciancarini, Andreas Knoche, Robert Tolksdorf and Fabio Vitali

P6 LispWeb: A Specialized HTTP Server for Distributed AI Applications
Alberto Riva and Marco Ramoni

Web Characteristics

P7 An Investigation of Documents from the World Wide Web
Allison Woodruff, Paul M. Aoki, Eric Brewer, Paul Gauthier and Lawrence A. Rowe

P8 Supporting the Web: A Distributed Hyperlink Database System
James E. Pitkow and R. Kipp Jones

P9 Measuring the Web
Tim Bray


P10 From User Access Patterns to Dynamic Hypertext Linking
Tak Woon Yan, Matthew Jacobsen, Hector Garcia-Molina and Umeshwar Dayal

P11 Author-oriented Link Management
Michael L. Creech

P12 Open Information Services
Leslie Carr, Gary Hill, David De Roure, Wendy Hall and Hugh Davis

Support for Cooperation

P13 Distributed Active Objects
Marc H. Brown, Marc A. Najork

P14 Exorcising Daemons: A Modular and Lightweight Approach to Deploying Applications on the Web
Jonathan Trevor, Richard Bentley and Gerrit Wildgruber

P15 Pan-Browser Support for Annotations and Other Meta-Information on the World Wide Web
Matthew A. Schickler, Murray S. Mazer, and Charles Brooks

Document Structures

P16 Interactively Restructuring HTML Documents
Stéphane Bonhomme and Cécile Roisin

P17 HTML Generation and Semantic Markup for Telepathology
Vincenzo Della Mea, Carlo Alberto Beltrami, Vito Roberto and Davide Brunato

P18 The Role of SGML in the WWW: Authoring New Tags with Grif Symposia
Jean Paoli


P19 Enhanced Graph Models in the Web: Multi-client, Multi-head, Multi-tail Browsing
Michael Capps, Brian Ladd and P. David Stotts

P20 Design Considerations for the Apache Server API
Robert Thau

P21 Borealis Image Server
Eric A. Meyer and Peter Murray

Data Base / WWW (Gateways)

P22 A Generic Framework for the Deployment of Structured Databases on the World Wide Web
Stathes P. Hadjiefthymiades and Drakoulis I. Martakos

P23 Distributed Database Access in a Corporate Environment Using Java
Nick N. Duan

P24 Grassroots: A System Providing A Uniform Framework for Communicating, Structuring, Sharing Information, and Organizing People
Kenichi Kamiya, Martin Röscheisen, and Terry Winograd

Commmercial Use

P25 Integrating Electronic Information through a Corporate Web
Mike Crandall and Mark C. Swenson

P26 Deutsche Welle: on the air
Manfred Bogen, Michael Lenz and Susanne Zier

P27 GC Tech's Intermediation and Payment System
Paul-André Pays and Fabrice de Comarmond

Courses and Tours: Creating Pathways

P28 Synchronous Navigation Control for Distance Learning on the Web
Ping-Jer Yeh, Bih-Horng Chen, Ming-Chih Lai and Shyan-Ming Yuan

P29 World Wide Web - Course Tool: An Environment for Building WWW-Based Courses
Murray W. Goldberg, Sasan Salari and Paul Swoboda

P30 Supporting Hierarchical Guided Tours in the World Wide Web
Franz J. Hauck


P31 An Architecture for Integrating OODBs with WWW
Jack Jingshuang Yang and Gail E. Kaiser

P32 Fixing the "Broken Link" Problem: The W3Objects Approach
David Ingham, Steve Caughey and Mark Little

P33 CorbaWeb: A Generic Object Navigator
Philippe Merle, Christophe Gransart and Jean-Marc Geib


P34 Weblint: Quality Assurance for the World-Wide Web
Neil Bowers

P35 WebWriter: A Browser-Based Editor for Constructing Web Applications
Arturo Crespo and Eric A. Bier

P36 WebQuest: Substantiating Education in Edutainment through Interactive Learning Games
Corrina Perrone, David Clark, and Alexander Repenning

Browsing Aids

P37 Automatically Organizing Bookmarks per Contents
Yoelle S. Maarek and Israel Z. Ben Shaul

P38 WebGUIDE: Querying and Navigating Changes in Web Repositories
Fred Douglis, Thomas Ball, Yih-Farn Chen and Eleftherios Koutsofios

P39 NIF-T-NAV: A Hierarchical Navigator for WWW Pages
Kirsten L. Jones

Mobile Code

P40 Active FORMs
Paul Thistlewaite and Steve Ball

P41 A Web Navigator with Applets in Caml
François Rouaix

P42 Mobile Assistant Programming for Efficient Information Access on the WWW
Stéphane Perret, Andrzej Duda

P43 Filling HTML Forms Simultaneously: CoWeb — Architecture and Functionality
Stephan Jacobs, Michael Gebhardt, Stefanie Kethers and Wojtek Rzasa

Caching Systems

P44 Performance Engineering of the World-Wide Web: Application to Dimensioning and Cache Design
Jean Chrysostome Bolot and Philipp Hoschka

P45 The UK National Web Cache — A State of the Art Report
Neil G. Smith

P46 The Harvest Object Cache in New Zealand
Donald Neal

Optimizing Web Use of Network Resources

P47 TeleWeb: Loosely Connected Access to the World Wide Web
Bill N. Schilit, Fred Douglis, David M. Kristol, Paul Krzyzanowski, James Sienicki and John A. Trotter

P48 Reducing WWW Latency and Bandwidth Requirements by Real-Time Distillation
Armando Fox and Eric A. Brewer

P49 Real-Time Geographic Visualization of World Wide Web Traffic
Stephen E. Lamm, Daniel A. Reed and Will H. Scullin

Business on the Web

P50 Enticing Online Shoppers to Buy — A Human Behavior Study
Alice Richmond

P51 Business On The Web: Strategies and Economics
Somendra Pant and Cheng Hsu

P52 Ubiquitous Advertising on the WWW: Merging Advertisement on the Browser
Youji Kohda and Susumu Endo


P53 Agent-Based Workflow: TRP Support Environment (TSE)
Jin W. Chang and Colin T. Scott

P54 Towards a World-Wide Data Base
Erik Sandewall

P55 Electronic Management of the Peer Review Process
G. Jason Mathews and Barry E. Jacobs

Seamless Multimedia Integration

P56 Virtual Sardinia: A Large-Scale Hypermedia Regional Information System
Enrico Gobbetti and Andrea O. Leone

P57 RAVE: Real-Time Services for the Web
Paul England, Bob Allen and Ron Underwood

P58 Interactive Video on WWW: Beyond VCR-like Interfaces
Arun Katkere, Jennifer Schlenzig, Amarnath Gupta and Ramesh Jain

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