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Katsumi Tanaka (Kyoto University)
Xiaofang Zhou (University of Queensland)
Min Zhang (Tsinghua University)
Adam Jatowt (Kyoto University)

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Keynote Address 
Session Chair: Katsumi Tanaka (Kyoto University)

Understanding Credibility across Disciplinary Boundaries (Page 1)
Miriam J. Metzger (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Session 1: Wikipedia Credibility
Session Chair: Min Zhang (Tsinghua University)

Detecting Wikipedia Vandalism with Active Learning and Statistical Language Models (Page 3)
Si-Chi Chin (The University of Iowa)
W. Nick Street (The University of Iowa)
Padmini Srinivasan (The University of Iowa)
David Eichmann (The University of Iowa)

On Measuring the Quality of Wikipedia Articles (Page 11)
Gabriel De la Calzada (California Polytechnic State University)
Alex Dekhtyar (California Polytechnic State University)

Trust in Wikipedia: How Users Trust Information from an Unknown Source (Page 19)
Teun Lucassen (University of Twente)
Jan Maarten Schraagen (University of Twente)

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Session 2: Studies of Web Information Credibility
Session Chair: Adam Jatowt (Kyoto University)

Smart Marketing or Bait & Switch? Competitors' Brands as Keywords in Online Advertising (Page 27)
Mark A. Rosso (North Carolina Central University)
Bernard J. Jansen (The Pennsylvania State University)

The Credibility of Digital Identity Information on the Social Web: A User Study (Page 35)
Matthew Rowe (University of Sheffield)

TIME: A Method of Detecting the Dynamic Variances of Trust (Page 43)
Laurian C. Vega (Virginia Polytechnic Institute)
Yeong-Tay Sun (Virginia Polytechnic Institute)
D. Scott McCrickard (Virginia Polytechnic Institute)
Steve Harrison (Virginia Polytechnic Institute)

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Session 3: Evaluating Information Credibility
Session Chair: Pavel Dmitriev (Microsoft)

Identifying Spam Link Generators for Monitoring Emerging Web Spam (Page 51)
Young-joo Chung (The University of Tokyo)
Masashi Toyoda (The University of Tokyo)
Masaru Kitsuregawa (The University of Tokyo)

SpotRank: A Robust Voting System for Social News Websites (Page 59)
Thomas Largillier (Université Paris-Sud)
Guillaume Peyronnet (Nalrem Medias)
Sylvain Peyronnet (Université Paris-Sud)

What is Disputed on the Web? (Page 67)
Rob Ennals (Intel Labs Berkeley)
Dan Byler (University of California at Berkeley)
John Mark Agosta (Intel Labs Santa Clara)
Barbara Rosario (Intel Labs Santa Clara)

Modulating Video Credibility via Visualization of Quality Evaluations (Page 75)
Nicholas Diakopoulos (Rutgers University)
Irfan Essa (Georgia Institute of Technology)