Tutorial T5-M - Hello Open World - The Web of Data for the Pragmatic Developer

Michael Hausenblas, Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI)

Alexandre Passant, Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI)


The convergence of the Social Web and the Semantic Web (Web of Data) alike as initiatives as the Linking Open Data community project yield new ways to publish, interlink and re-use information from different distributed data sources on the Web. Hence, people need to understand how to benefit from this new developments and learn about real-world tools and methods to implement applications on the Web of Data for a certain domain. This tutorial will give a step-by-step introduction combined with hands-on session in how to use structured data on theWeb, turn it into RDF, find and reuse existing vocabularies and finally build an application that consumes data from different sources and displays it in a user-friendly way, using a common xAMP environment.


Dr. Michael Hausenblas - http://sw-app.org/about.html

Michael (michael.hauselblas@deri.org) recently joined DERI as a postdoctoral researcher. Before, he worked seven years at Joanneum Research, an applied research company in Austria where he was running EU projects in the Semantic Web domain. Michael is an active member of the linked data community contributing through tutorials, workshops and publications. Within W3C he has been active in the Multimedia Semantics Incubator Group (2006/2007), in the Semantic Web Deployment Working Group/RDFa Task Force (since 2006), in the RDB2RDF Incubator Group (since 03/2008) and the recently launched Media Fragments Working Group. Michael gave tutorials on RDFa and linked data at the International Semantic Web Conference 2008 and co-organised the Web of Data Practitioners days in Austria with more than 40 attendees from Europe.

Alexandre Passant - http://apassant.net

Alexandre (alexandre.passant@deri.org) is a postdoctoral researcher at DERI, where he co-leads the Social Software Cluster. Alexandre is involved in the SIOC project, as a co-author of the vocabulary that went accepted in 2007 as a W3C Member Submission, and editor of some related documents. SIOC is now in use in more than 50 applications, from Web 2.0 to neuro-medicine. He also recently co-chaired the Social Data on the Web workshop (SDoW) at 2008, that got more than 20 submissions and 40 participants. During his PhD, Alexandre worked on applying Semantic Web technologies to Enterprise 2.0 environment and his work received the best paper award at the 19th French Conference on Knowledge Engineering in 2008.