Student Travel Awards

WWW2009 is offering a travel award program to help students offset the costs of attending the conference. Funds for student travel will be provided by UPM, Microsoft Research, IBM Research and other organizations. Applications are accepted from students at recognized degree-granting institutions around the world.
This page provides information about the student travel award program, including funding amount, eligibility, application form, and selection process.


To be eligible for a student travel award, you must:

Students cannot receive support from both the technical volunteer program and the student travel award program at WWW2009.

Funding Amount

Application Process

Application deadline: March 8, 2009 (23:59 Hawaii time)

Awards will be decided on a merit basis, and announced by March 20 , 2009.

To apply send a message to with the subject “application files” containing:

Claim Process

Travel awards are provided on a reimbursement basis for documented expenses incurred to attend WWW2009, up to the limits stated above. No pre-payment of expenses is provided.
If you are a successful applicant, you will receive payment in person at WWW2009 by presenting to the student travel award program coordinator:

Selection Criteria

The first selection criterion for awards is a well-written justification of why attending WWW20009 is important to your research and/or future career (maximum 150 words).
From the qualified applicants, priority will be determined as follows:

  1. author (or co-author) who is presenting a refereed paper
  2. author (or co-author) who is presenting a poster paper
  3. author (or co-author) of an accepted refereed paper
  4. author (or co-author) of a submitted (but rejected) refereed paper
  5. attending a WWW2009 workshop and the WWW2009 conference
  6. attending the WWW2009 conference

There will be no priority distinction between Ph.D., M.Sc., and undergraduate students. Excessive time in your current graduate or undergraduate program may decrease your chances if competition for these awards is high.
Further questions can be directed to , the coordinator of the student travel award program.

Travel Awards Recipients

The following students were selected as recipients of WWW2009 travel awards