Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Poster Sessions (10:30-17:00)
( Estrasburgo Hall-Registration Area )

Suggested times for poster’s author presence:
- 11:15-12:45 Posters 1 to 15
- 15:30-17:00 Poster 16 to 30

  1. Competitive Analysis from Click-Through Log
  2. Predicting Click Through Rate for Job Listings
  3. Query clustering using click-through graph
  4. An Effective Semantic Search Technique using Ontology
  5. Relationalizing RDF Stores for Tools Reusability
  6. C-SPARQL: SPARQL for Continuous Querying
  7. Interactive Search in XML Data
  8. Is There Anything Worth Finding on the Semantic Web?
  9. Instance-based Probabilistic Reasoning in the Semantic Web
  10. A Flight Meta-Search Engine with Metamorph
  11. Thumbs-Up: A Game for Playing to Rank Search Results
  12. Search shortcuts: Driving Users Towards Their Goals
  13. A Probabilistic Model based Approach for Blended Search
  14. BUCEFALO: A tool for Intelligent Search and Filtering for web-based Personal Health Records
  15. Dataplorer: A Scalable Search Engine for the Data Web
  16. Threshold Selection for Web-Page Classification with Highly Skewed Class Distribution
  17. Adapting Naive Bayes Classifier for Document Classification on Web-Scale Taxonomies  
  18. News Article Extraction with Template-Independent Wrapper  
  20. Graffiti: Node Labeling in Heterogeneous Networks   
  22. Graph Based Crawler Seed Selection
  24. Building Term Suggestion Relational Graphs from Collective Intelligence
  26. Towards Intent-Driven Bidterm Suggestion 
  28. Advertising Keyword Generation Using Active Learning  
  30. GameSense: Game-like In-Image Advertising 
  32. Rare Item Detection in e-Commerce Site   
  34. A Declarative Framework for Semantic Link Discovery over Relational Data  
  36. Simultaneously Modeling Semantics and Structure of Threaded Discussions  
  38. Combining Anchor Text Categorization and Graph Analysis for Paid Link Detection 
  40. Rethinking Email Message and People Search  
  41. Purely URL-based Topic Classification 
Thursday, April 23, 2009 Poster Session (10:30-17:00)
( Estrasburgo Hall-Registration Area )

Suggested times for poster’s author presence:
- 11:00-12:30 Posters 1 to 15
- 15:30-17:00 Poster 16 to 31

  1. WPBench: A Benchmark for Evaluating the Client-side Performance of Web 2.0 Applications
  2. MASTH: An Extensible Platform for Web Overload Control
  3. A Messaging API for Inter-Widgets Communication
  4. Why are Moved Web Pages Difficult To Find? The WISH Approach
  5. Detecting Soft Errors by Redirection Classification
  6. Web Service Composition with Abstraction and Refinement
  7. Where to Adapt Dynamic Service Compositions
  8. SGPS: A Semantic Scheme for Web Service Similarity
  9. Automated Synthesis of Composite Services with Correctness Guarantee
  10. User Centric Content Freshness Metrics for Search Engines
  11. Reliability Analysis Using Weighted Combinational Models for Web-based Software
  12. sMash: Semantic-based Mashup Navigation for Data API Network
  13. Semantic Wiki aided Business Process Specification
  14. Raise Semantics at the User Level for Dynamic and Interactive SOA-based Portals
  15. Towards a Lightweight and Efficient DDoS Attacks Detection for Web Server
  16. A General Framework for Adaptive and Online Detection of Web attacks
  17. PAKE-based mutual HTTP authentication for preventing phishing attacks
  18. Inferring Private Information Using Social Network Data
  19. Privacy Preserving Frequency Capping in Internet Banner Advertising
  20. Crosslanguage Blog Mining and Trend Visualisation
  21. Crawling English-Japanese Person-Name Transliterations from the Web
  22. Near Real Time Information Mining In Multilingual News
  23. Mining Multilingual Topics from Wikipedia
  24. Towards language-independent Web Genre Detection
  25. The Web of Nations
  26. Cascading Style Sheets: A Novel Approach Towards Productive Styling with Today's Standards
  27. Automatically Filling Form-Based Web Interfaces with Free Text Inputs
  28. A Densitometric Analysis of Web Template Content
  29. A Flexible Dialogue System for Enhancing Web Usability
  30. Estimating Web Site Readability Using Content Extraction
  31. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines: from 1.0 to 2.0

Friday, April 24, 2009 Poster Session (10:30-17:00)
( Estrasburgo Hall-Registration Area )

Suggested times for poster’s author presence:
- 11:00-12:30 Posters 1 to 16
- 15:30-17:00 Posters 17 to 32

  1. Worldwide Cultural Difference Mining with a Large Number of Geotagged Photos on the Web
  2. An Experimental Study of Large-Scale Mobile Social Network
  3. DSN: A P2P Based Distributed Services Network for Next Generation Mobile Internet Communications
  4. Securely Implementing Open Geospatial Consortium Web Service Interface Standards in Oracle Spatial
  5. Visualization of Geo-annotated Pictures in Mobile Phones
  6. Deducing trip related information from Flickr
  7. Link Based Small Sample Learning for Web Spam Detection
  8. Detecting Image Spam Using Local Invariant Features and Pyramid Match Kernel
  9. Web Image Retrieval ReRanking with Multi-view Clustering
  10. Characterizing Web-based Video Sharing Workloads
  11. Deriving Music Theme Annotations from User Tags
  12. Tag-Oriented Document Summarization
  13. Search Results Re-Ranking by the Gap between Queries and Social Tags
  14. Signaling Emotion in Tagclouds
  15. Two Birds with One Stone: A Graph-based Framework for Disambiguating and Tagging People Names in Web Search
  16. The Value of Socially Tagged URLs for a Search Engine
  17. The Recurrence Dynamics of Social Tagging
  18. Playful Tagging: - Folksonomy Generation Using Online Games
  19. Identifying Vertical Search Intention of Queries through Social Tagging Propagation
  20. Social Search and Discovery using a Unified Approach
  21. Extracting Community Structure through Relational Hypergraphs
  22. Ranking User-Created Contents by Search User’s Inclination in Online Communities
  23. Retaining Personal Expression For Social Search
  24. Discovering the Staring People From Social Networks
  25. Analysis of Community Structure in Wikipedia
  26. A Content Hole Search in a Community-type Content
  27. Searching for Events in the Blogosphere
  28. Ranking Community Answers via Analogical Reasoning
  29. Probabilistic Question Recommendation for Question Answering Communities
  30. Buzz-Based Recommender System
  31. Discovering User Profiles
  32. Bootstrapped Extraction of Class Attributes