Workshop Topics

CSSSIA 2008 welcomes papers that focus on novel solutions on the recent developments in the general areas of Web services and data integration. Topics of interests include, but are not limited to:


  • Light and flexible approaches to service and data integration 
  • Quality-aware framework for publishing and discovering Web services and sources 
  • Context-based semantic matching for Web services composition 
  • Software agents and context-aware Web services 
  • Approximate query answering models for dynamic environments 
  • Security and privacy in context-aware Web services development 
  • Web services personalization using context 
  • Model-driven development of adaptive Web services 
  • Context awareness and Web services standards 
  • Middleware for dynamic and adaptive Web services and processes 
  • Ontologies and context modeling for Web services 
  • Models and languages for formal specification of context and policies in SOA 
  • Case studies, datasets, evaluation testbed in various domains (e.g., GIS, health care, supply chain/logistics, biomedicine, risk and compliance)