Logging Traces of Web Activity: The Mechanics of Data Collection


Information for Participants


1)      Our latest list from the registration folks indicates strong interest in the workshop. At this point, if all workshop participants register, we will have 40 people in attendance (the room has a capacity of 50).  However, several workshop participants have yet to register. Please register promptly or advise us if you will not be attending so that we can ensure the room is not overbooked.



2)      The conference organizers have advised us that all workshop papers will be included on a WWW 2006 conference DVD (with an ISBN number) of the proceedings; however, the workshop papers will not be included in the hard copy of proceedings.  If you have not submitted already, the final versions of papers must be sent to us by April 15th to be included on the DVD.



3)      The Tuesday workshops coincide with the first day of WWW, so the workshops will not begin until 11am after the break.  Please check the workshop programme for the session times as we are making up lost time throughout the day.



4)      We have finalized the workshop programme. The workshop will consist of 4 sets of presentations of position papers, with each set followed by a themed panel discussion.


a.       Participants will be allocated 10 minutes to present their position paper and 5 minutes to present statements of interest. Please arrange to send us your PowerPoint presentations by May 22 or meet us a half hour before the workshop to transfer the slides to the workshop laptop – time will be tight, so we need to transition between speakers seamlessly as possible.  Let us know if you have any special needs (e.g. showing a demo, requiring an internet connection) and we will try to make sure that the room supports our needs.


b.      Following each set of papers, we will have themed panel discussions loosely based on the content of the submitted papers. It is not necessary for all authors of a paper to be on the panel, but you can if you wish.  Please let us know who will be on the panel, so that we can ensure that seating arrangements are appropriate.  We envision these panels being very interactive between the panel members and the other participants (and the general audience if time permits). Each workshop organizer will moderate a panel and after giving a brief introduction to the topic, will open the topic for discussion. Since there will not be time for questions during participants’ presentations, we anticipate that there may be questions about the papers that have been presented as well as general issues in the topic area.  We ask that each panelist prepare a couple of discussion points related to the general theme in order to prime the discussion if necessary.  Topics are fairly flexible, so if you have ideas of specific topics you would like discussed during a session, please contact the appropriate workshop organizer in advance. Also, there is a great deal of overlap between the various papers and topic areas – feel free to join the discussions during any topic of interest.


c.       Our overall goal of the workshop is to establish a community of researchers and practitioners who can contribute to a shared repository of logging knowledge and tools.  We will close the workshop with a discussion on how this can be accomplished.  If you have any suggestions that would benefit from consideration prior to the workshop, please feel free to bring them forward ahead of time so that we can be productive during the session.