Logging Traces of Web Activity: The Mechanics of Data Collection

Position Papers

  1. A Methodology for Understanding Web Use Logs (pdf)

  2. All You Need Is Log (pdf)

  3. Mission Impossible? Capturing Rich Yet Natural User Behaviour on the Web (pdf)

  4. The Wrapper: An Open Source Application for Logging User-System Interactions during Searching Studies (pdf)

  5. Attention Metadata: Collection and Management (pdf)

  6. Logging Usage of AJAX Applications With the “UsaProxy” HTTProxy (pdf)

  7. A Model-Driven Architecture for Logging Navigation (pdf)

  8. Coupling Logfile Analysis and Content Management Systems for Improved Information Architecture (pdf)

  9. Semantic Web Site Usage Analysis: The ORGAN System (pdf)

  10. Data Cleaning Methods for Client and Proxy Logs (pdf)

  11. Limits of the Web Log Analysis Artifacts (pdf)

Statements of Interest

  1. Leveraging Event Data with Triangulation & Explicit Methods (pdf)

  2. Learning About the Online Learner (pdf)

  3. Logging IE: Barriers to Studying User Behaviour on the Web (pdf)

(* denotes those planning to be in attendance, *? denotes those that may attend)