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Confirmed Invited Speakers

Tuesday 23rd May 2006

Opening Ceremony. The New Economy: Plenary Session

Opening Welcome by:

TBL Tim Berners-Lee
Director of the World Wide Web Consortium
AE Allan Ellis
Chair of the International World Wide Web Conference Committee (IW3C2)
WH Wendy Hall
WWW2006 Executive Director, Head of School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton.

Followed by a welcome speech by:

JM Jack McConnell
Scottish First Minister

Followed by the Plenary Keynote Speaker:

DB David Brown
Chairman of Motorola

Creating successful Web based Business

MH Jeff Barr
Web Services Evangelist, Amazon.com
MH Mike Harris
Executive vice chairman, founder, Egg PLC
SK Sohrab Kakalia
Vice President & Head of Technology Consulting, Infosys Technologies
GK Gillian Kent
Director, MSN.co.uk
AM Andy Mulholland
Global CTO, CapGemini
TY Tao Yang
Chief Scientist and Senior Vice President, Ask.com

Panel - New business models:

PS Patrick Sheehan (Chair)
3i Venture Capital Partner
JB James E Brathwaite
Chairman, South East of England Development Agency
AS Adam Seifer
Chief Product Officer and Chairman, Fotolog

Impact of the Web on Business

NB Nick Baker
Chief Strategy Officer for Reed Elsevier Group
PB Peter Buckingham
Head of Distribution & Exhibition, UK Film Council
SB Shawn Burns
Managing Director, Wunderman Interactive in France
SC Scott Cohen
Co-Founder, the Orchard
TF Tim Faircliff
General Manager of digital media business, Reuters
TF Daniel Harris
Founder, Kendra Initiative
PJ Paul Jessop
CTO, International Federation of the Phonographic Industry
PM Peggy Miles
Chairman, International Webcasting Association & President/Founder of InterVox Communications
RS Richard Smith
Chief Executive, UnitedHealth Europe
DV Dominique Vidal
Regional Vice-President, Managing Director, Yahoo! Europe

Wednesday 24th May 2006

The Next Wave of the Web: Plenary Panel

Opening the Technical Agenda by:

CH Charles Hughes
President of the BCS
JWJohn White
Chief Executive of the ACM
CG Carole Goble
Conference Programme Committee Chair
MD Mike Dahlin
Conference Programme Committee Vice Chair

Followed by the Plenary Panel:

NS Nigel Shadbolt (Chair)
Professor of Artificial Intelligence, School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton
TBL Tim Berners-Lee
Director of the World Wide Web Consortium
JH Jim Hendler
Director, Semantic Web and Agent Maryland Information and Network Dynamics Lab – MINDSWAP
CH Clare Hart
President & Chief Executive Officer, Factiva

The Next Wave of the Web

RB Richard Benjamins
Director of Innovation and R&D, Intelligent Software Components (iSOCO)
MB Michael Brodie
Chief Scientist of Verizon IT
JD John Davies
Manager, Next Generation Web Research, BT
AL Horst Forster
Director "Content", Directorate General for Information Society and Media, European Commission
RH Ralph Hodgson
Co-Founder and Executive Partner, TopQuadrant
AK Atanas Kiryakov
Founder and Head, Ontotext Lab
AL Alexander Linden
Independent Consultant and Technology Expert
AL Ian Ritchie
Non-Executive Chairman, the Interactive University
HS Hans-Peter Schnurr
Managing Director, Ontoprise GmbH
HS Nigel Shadbolt
Professor of Artificial Intelligence, School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton

Impact of the Web on Networks, Devices and Applications

DB David Belanger
Chief Scientist, AT&T Labs
BB Briam Bolam
Co-Founder, President & CEO, OmPrompt Inc.
LE Lee Epting
Vice President, Forum Nokia
GH Geoffrey Hall
Chief Technology Officer for Europe, Nortel
RH Richard Hull
Director, Network Data and Services Research Bell Laboratories Lucent Technologies
CJ Candace Johnson
Telecommunications expert & media entrepreneur

Panel - Opportunities for the Mobile/Pervasive Web:

MC Mark Crocker (Chair)
Group Managing Director, Organisational Technology Research (OTR) Plc.
DA Diego Anza
Mobile Multimedia Standardisation Manager, Orange Group, Paris
NE Neil Edwards
General Manager, mobile Top Level Domain
PW Paul Walsh
Co-founder and CEO of Segala
JW Jonas Wilhelmsson
Co-Founder and Vice President Partner Alliances at Drutt Corporation

Thursday 25th May 2006

Solving Global Problems with Global Resources: Plenary Keynotes

MAD Mary Ann Davidson
Chief Security Officer, Oracle
TH Tony Hey
Corporate VP for Technical Computing, Microsoft

Impact of the Web on Education and Science

FA Franco Accordino
Scientific Officer, Grid Technologies Unit, Information Society and Media Directorate-General, European Commission
MA Malcolm Atkinson
Director, National e-Science Centre
SG Steven Gaines
Business Strategy Director, Novell
TH John Hurley
Distributed Software and Systems Integration group head, Boeing
GK Gary Kendall
Founder of CDO2
ML Mark Linesch
Chairman, Global Grid Forum
RM Reagan Moore
Director of Data Intensive Computing Environments, San Diego Supercomputer Center
TP Tim Pearson
Chief Executive Officer, RM
SS Susie Stephens
Principal Product Manager, Life Sciences, Oracle
GT Gordon Thomson
Director, Scotland & Ireland, Cisco Systems UK & Ireland

Ensuring the Web is Secure

PHB Phillip Hallam-Baker
Principal Scientist at VeriSign Inc.
PK Paul King
Senior Security Advisor, Cisco Systems, UK & Ireland
MW Michael Wheatley
CEO, Envisional

Panel - Security:

SB Souheil Badran (Chair)
Vice President, VeriSign Security Services
JA Jonathan Armstrong
Vice-Chair of the International Law and Practice Section of the New York State Bar Association
TI Tom Ilube
Chief Executive Officer, garlik
MEZ Mary Ellen Zurko
Security Architecture and Strategy Leader for Lotus Workplace, Portal, and Collaboration Software at IBM

Friday 26th May 2006

The Impact of the Web on Health and Society: Plenary Keynotes

RG Richard Granger
Director General of IT for the NHS
DW Daniel Weitzner
Director of the World Wide Web Consortium's Technology and Society Activities

Impact of the Web on Society, Law and Intellectual Property

JB Jeffrey Berkowitz
Partner, Finnegan, Henderson
MF Mike Futcher
Relationship Manager, Sopra Newell & Budge
JK Jim Kinney
Director of Operational Services, the Improvement Service
CN Clara Neppel
Examiner, European Patent Office
MM Myles MacBean
Vice President, Technology & Operations, Walt Disney Internet Group, International
DT David A Thomas
Chief of Criminal Computer Intrusion Unit, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Impact of the Web on Health

MB Mike Bainbridge
Clinical Architect, NHS Connecting for Health Programme
CB Celia Boyer
Executive Director, Health On the Net
RJ Ray Jones
Professor of Health Informatics, University of Plymouth
JL John Loonsk
National Health Information Technology Coordinator
SL Simon de Lusignan
Course Director, Biomedical Informatics, St George's Hospital School
FM Frances Mair
Professor of Primary Care Research, Glasgow University
MR Michael Rawlins
Chairman of the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
AR Alan Rector
Professor of Medical Informatics, University of Manchester
MR Michael Rigby
Professor of Health Information Strategy, Keele University
FS Frank Sullivan
Professor of Research and Development in General Practice and Primary Care, University of Dundee
RW Rod Ward
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health & Social Care, University of the West of England, Bristol

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