WWW94: directory services and WWW integration using SOLO

presented by jean-christophe touvet and paul-andre pays, INRIA, france

SOLO is a new, simple protocol that has been defined for providing directory and white pages services. it is similar to the X.500 protocol but includes some enhancements. the goal was to implement this new protocol into the web.

there were actually two approaches:

1. the gateway approach

this approach was easy and simple and was developed in a matter of weeks. to access a SOLO server via a gateway led to an URL similar to:


2. SOLO integration

once the SOLO protocol was implemented, an URL would look like:


the extension was implemented by adding new modules to the libwww library.

this paper is no longer available on the web.

1st_day_solo / 28-jan-1999 (ra) / reto ambühler